Service at the Roundup

There are so many opportunities to get into service at the Roundup. It could be the most fun service you’ll do!

  • Snack Shack
  • Greeters
  • Decorations
  • Pre-registration
  • Fashion Center
  • Gofers
  • Recycle
  • Speaker Buddy
  • Others . . .

Come to our next Planning Meeting to see what you can do to be a part of the action! Meetings are the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:30pm at the Hi-Lo Club ~ 668 Lincoln Rd, Grants Pass, OR

Registration is the place where all questions are answered (well we try anyway).

Snack Shack is service work at it’s best! Help prepare burgers, cut veggies, take orders, flip burgers, meet people, ALWAYS fun! Get a group together and volunteer for a shift or two.

Gofers at the Roundup are the most important service.  Handling everything and anything to make the event successful from setup and tear down, to fix-it's and supply runs - the gofers got this!

Gofer service makes the Roundup HAPPEN! Handling everything and anything to make the event successful from setup and tear down, to fix-it’s and supply runs – the gofers got this!

Speaker Buddy is an honor you can only find at the Roundup. Greet your buddy on their arrival, show them around, welcome them to our community!

Coffee Makers are another vital service postion at the Roundup. MUST HAVE COFFEE!

How much fun can you have digging thru 100’s of envelopes for pre-registered guests? TONS!

Meet people and label their mugs

Mug washers get to see the mugs before most people, when you unpack the coffee mugs and give them a good wash, ready for all the coffee lovers!

Greeter – Main Pavilion. Like to dress up? Greet the roundup guests, welcoming them to the speaker meetings and meals.

Greeter – Hospitality Suite Be the smiling face to welcome roundup-goers.

Help the dance committee to carry the magic into the night!

Help keep the grounds tidy, help the planet and support Central Office! Recycle is the service work that keeps on giving.

Decorations is great service for all those creative members.

Fashion Center has it all!

T-shirts, and sweatshirts and hats – oh my!

Other Opportunities. . . . Do you have a special interest or skill? Or just can’t decide which service to sign up for? There’s sure to be something for you.